Who are we?

Flow Basketball Organization

Flow Basketball is a non-profit organization, based in Ohio. Founded in 2020 whose mission is to improve communities and build better infrastructure that supports the game of basketball.

Flow Basketball raises money to improve public basketball courts, provides education, training, and free events. They are committed to providing opportunities for all children regardless of socioeconomic status or background by investing in their future through sportsmanship and fellowship on the court.

Flow Basketball has been able to partner up with local community leaders and volunteer groups to identify the needs of their communities.

The Challenge

Flow Basketball Court Revitalization Project is an effort to revitalize existing public basketball courts by resurfacing them, restoring them, and cleanly fill with expressive artwork.

Currently, there are 30 sites identified in Cleveland, Ohio that will be the first round of testing for this project. Successful completion of these 30 sites will lead to more cities that want to participate in this program.

The Solution

Flow Basketball is in the process of raising around $100,000. Funding will come from corporate and private donors as well as local sports teams to fully fund this project.

The budget for each site is approximated to be between $15,000 and $20,000 depending on location and materials needed. To complete this project, Flow Basketball has partnered with different artists, contractors and communities to better improve their basketball court community.

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Our Mission

Flow Basketball Organization

Flow Basketball is committed to improving our basketball courts for the future generations of kids who love the game of basketball. This is a community effort that we can all be a part of to help improve our communities.

Please donate and support the Flow Basketball Court Revitalization Project!

To learn more or donate, visit: http://www.flowbasketball.org/our-projects/ or email info@flowbasketball.org

What You can do to help.

Flow Basketball Revitalization Projects