Basketball Conditioning

Early in my basketball career I had a height advantage. As I moved on to higherl evels of play it became clear that my height alone would not be enough to be a dominant player.

I needed an edge.

Since then I have been able to

  • Maintain my weight why decreasing my body fat percentage
  • Improve my bench press and squat
  • raise my aerobic and anaerobic conditioning level
  • Develop improved foot work and agility
  • Improved my vertical

The latest model of the basketball player is one who is a highly conditioned athlete, possessing refined athletic skills, which ultimately elevate the level at which he or she plays the game. Conditioning is the key to consistency.

The following series will teach you a path to total basketball conditioning.

Fitness basics for basketball


Strength training

Abs and lower back strength

Athleticism for basketball

Basketball Condition Drills

Individual drills

Team Drills


The free throw

Many games are won and lost at the free-throw line. Mental pressure is real from the charity strip. The opposing coach may call a time-out right

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Do it now We have discussed the mechanics and mental preparation required to shoot a basketball properly throughout this site. Some of the information will

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Basketball Layup

Lay up

Its simplicity and layup make it easy to accept the shot as a given. It is the only shot in the family that requires ambidexterity, aside

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Jump Shot

The Jumper Jump shots are simply an evolution of set shots that allow players to shoot past defenders’ arms. Because defenders are more athletic and

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Shooting basketball basics

The art of shooting

Back to the basics The game of basketball was first introduced in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was a simple game. Just put the ball into the

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