Our top 5 favorite all-around basketballs.

Our team at flow basketball is made up of non profit volunteers who love to ball. Our members are very experienced and have tried tons of different kinds of balls, so this article will be easy to write because we know what we’re talking about. 1. Wilson Evolution The Wilson Evolution Basketball is a game-changing […]

How to choose you basketball shoes.

Basketball Shoes

Picking a good basketball shoe Basketball shoes have a unique characteristic that sets them apart from ordinary running shoes. Players in basketball or track shoes use runners or jumpers as well as other athletic athletes who play the game of basketball. Runners’ shoes tend to be mainly found on gym equipment used by children and […]

Painting lines on a basketball court

Painting lines on a basketball court Basketball courts outside are exposed to a lot of use. Painting the court with new paint can be uplifting and inspiring while painting logos or mascots in center court promotes community identification. Basketball courts are half Olympic sized, and full size. Basketball court dimensions vary from 32 feet wide […]

Low Top basketball sneakers vs High Tops

Basketball is incomplete without shoes. Shoes not only protect your feet while playing on the hardwood but also allow you to play at the highest level of your game. There are many options on the market, so it can be hard to choose which one you like. Some prefer lighter brands while others prefer more […]