The Role of Volunteer Coaches in Youth Basketball Programs

Many youth basketball programs are in dire need of volunteers, particularly when so many children love basketball and want more. Kids can have fun, socialize with others, improve their skills and exercise at basketball courts. You can get involved in a youth basketball league by volunteering. You will usually be given an orientation by the coaches once you have been accepted to volunteer. This is where you can learn more about the sport, its history, and current events.

Depending on the youth sports leagues that you are involved in, you will have different requirements to become a volunteer coach. Parents are often required to volunteer for at least one volunteer game for one of their child’s team per week or pay a nominal fee for the opportunity to participate in a game. Any parent that is an assistant or coach can usually not be required to fill additional volunteer shifts but will be able to apply for basketball coaching positions if they are interested. Parents who want to be involved in youth basketball are welcome to do so.

The average age for entry into a volunteer position with a local youth sports team is 18 years old, however many coaches start younger. Many coaches are parents themselves and started to coach their own children when they were only in high school. Your teen years are a great time to get involved in a sport and work with young people. Make a commitment to your local youth sports program and make sure that you do whatever it takes to be an important part of their program from the very beginning. Volunteer coaching is an excellent way to help your team grow while also having fun.

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