The Warm up

The start

I like To start My practice by getting a little ambidextrous movement in. The goal is to get a little blood flowing.

I could drill for any big guys out there is the Mike Andrew.

Then I start working on the shot. Start nice and close. Focus on the release. Look for that soft touch.When it’s there I go onto My favorite shooting trail for basketball.Ray AllenDon’t be tempted to move on to soon.Warm up for me I’m starting, stoping, getting things flowing and focused.

Then we run the court. See where are you need to correct your movement patterns.

Then we run.

Then we run.

How to run the court.


The free throw

Many games are won and lost at the free-throw line. Mental pressure is real from the charity strip. The opposing coach may call a time-out right

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Do it now We have discussed the mechanics and mental preparation required to shoot a basketball properly throughout this site. Some of the information will

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Basketball Layup

Lay up

Its simplicity and layup make it easy to accept the shot as a given. It is the only shot in the family that requires ambidexterity, aside

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Jump Shot

The Jumper Jump shots are simply an evolution of set shots that allow players to shoot past defenders’ arms. Because defenders are more athletic and

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Shooting basketball basics

The art of shooting

Back to the basics The game of basketball was first introduced in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was a simple game. Just put the ball into the

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