Basketball Conditioning

Basketball courts at night

Early in my basketball career I had a height advantage. As I moved on to higherl evels of play it became clear that my height alone would not be enough to be a dominant player. I needed an edge. Since then I have been able to Maintain my weight why decreasing my body fat percentage […]

Athleticism for Basketball

Dumbells in a gym

To play basketball at a high level of competition, one must have physical capabilities that go beyond what he has done in his daily life and exceed those required for other sports. It’s not enough to be a basic fitness. You need to have good flexibility, strength, abdominal and lower back strength, or the three essentials that […]

Abdominal and lower back strength

ab workout for basketball

The trunk and lower torso are often neglected and poorly trained parts of the body’s muscle. This region is known as the “center of power” and is responsible for initiating a movement or providing stability link that allows all movements to pass. These are just a few reasons to strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles. […]

Strength Training for Basketball

Fitness chin ups

Basketball is no longer strictly a finesse sport. Today’s players require special strength training in order to be at their best. Designing a program There are many ways to train strength. While certain principles are the same, every program is different. One routine that works well for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another. However, […]

Fitness Basics for Basketball

Fitness chin ups

In sports, the level of specific skill performance separates a champion from the rest of the field. Basketball is a game where the player’s ability to dribble, shoot and pass the ball increases his or her chances of success. However, a player who is not in good physical condition will have a reduced chance of […]