What does it take to play basketball in college? And how to improve your chances.

College basketball coaches typically look for basketball players who have good basketball fundamentals, put in the extra effort to be great, can handle pressure well, are team players, and are competitive. Conversely, basketball coaches won’t typically recruit basketball players who are lazy or lack basketball skills. To best find these talented basketball players, college basketball […]

Should I play other sports?

Should I play other sports besides basketball or should I focus on one sport while in High School? There are a lot of high school basketball players out there who also play other sports. Some people might wonder if it’s a good idea to play other sports, since you’re trying to focus on basketball. In […]

The Warm up

The start I like To start My practice by getting a little ambidextrous movement in. The goal is to get a little blood flowing. I could drill for any big guys out there is the Mike Andrew. Then I start working on the shot. Start nice and close. Focus on the release. Look for that […]